Yamaha EX5R - tone generator,synthesis,realtime control 8.599,- Kč

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Polyphony - 128 voices maximum, Oscillators - AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory) Synthesis, AN (Analog Physical Modeling) Synthesis, FDSP (Formulated Digital Sound Processing) Synthesis, Virtual Acoustic (VL) Synthesis. Sampler - 1 MB, expandable to 65 MB using SIMMs; optional EXFML1 Flash Memory Boards(4 megabyte each) add additional 8 MB; Mic or Line input. Arpeg/Seq - 16-Track Sequencer, 8-Track Pattern Sequencer; 30,000 note memory; MIDI clock sync, MTC (Midi Time Code) 4-Track Arpeggiator with 50 preset and user patterns. Effects - System - Reverb (12 different reverb-related effects) and Chorus (17 effects including flanging, phasing, symphonic, and others) Insertion Effects - 79 additional effects like chorus, distortion and overdrive, amp simulation, auto wah, equalization, delay, reverb, and other effects via two independent effects units, Memory - 512 preset voices (256 preset+256 internal); 128 performance setups. Control - 2 MIDI IN, 2 MIDI OUT, 1 MIDI Thru; each 16-parts multitimbral. 100% stav a kvalita. Cena 8.599 Kč tel: 605 437 048

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