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Vloženo: 21.3.2016 10:27 Typ: Poptávám Kategorie: Hudebníci a zkušebny Od: Gienah Město: Hradec Králové

Gienah is a fresh young alternative band from Hradec Kralove aiming to play metalcore with a hint of thrash and rock.
We have 8 complete songs with finished lyrics in English. The subject of our texts range from the flaws of society to finding ourselves to heartbreaks.
Our rehearsal room is a small walk from the main train/bus station, but we can arrange transportation from the center of the city or the main station to our rehearsal room, so transportation can be comfortable even for someone traveling from a further distance.
A microphone and floor monitor are available to use during rehearsals.
The band is ready to roll, the only thing missing is a great frontman.

Here are a few instrumental songs:
Check them out and hit us up if you like what you hear.

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